Do you also visit flea markets, bazaars or  something like that?

And would you like to know what the value of a Dinky Toy is?

"Thank you very much"

Shocked? Just tell me I was. Not only does the E-book provide everything it promises, but there are a few extra surprises of items that I could never bring home, as rarely as it is to find something that's what it claims to do, be fond of What this Dinky Toy Value E-book has done for me and my company.

Albert van der Kloon.

Date:   15-3-2017
From:  Burt

If you are wondering what the value of a Dinky Toy is like in the flea markets, bazaars, auctions, attics or the like?
Then you can find everything in this very comprehensive E-book.
This comprehensive E-Book gives you all the information needed to find out the origin of the year and possibly the history of a particular Dinky Toy that you own or are going to buy / sell so that you never get the feeling you're relieved of afterwards Or sale of a Dinky Toy.

With this E-book, you have a very large prior knowledge to the counterparty if you want to purchase or sell an item.

View the contents of this E-book below and increase your knowledge in this area.
Below are some examples of how our Dinky Toy Valuation E-book looks like.

In the future, be prepared to buy or sell anything in the area of Dinky Toy`s,

it can save hundreds of dollars you know exactly what prices you have to pay for your old Dinky Toy.

Extensive, unique and powerful, that is this Dinky Toy`s valuation E-book and it's the best way to dominate the Dinky Toy niche.

See below the list of all the years that are treated in our E-book.

  • From number 1 to 1000, all Dinky toys are described, the value is given and you can view images of each Dinky Toy.

"Fast delivery."

Thank you for the smooth delivery of this product, as I paid, I already had the download link in my email box and I could get it in. Great guys, so on, are also definitely interested in your other brand E-books.

Mrs. Kleefsmaars

"Fantastic E-book"

My honest opinion is that the guys who sell this product (value determination, dinky toy`s) must have fooled. Why would anyone like to share this such astonishing and effective product, I'ts a mystery, but their loss is my profit! Since I bought this E-book  I'm really impressed with what it can do and means for my collection, that said, I think there's more I can still find in this E-book.

Mr. Veenstra

Look at the bottom of this page for the free bonus you receive if you purchase this E-book.

During the design phase we were already asked what this E-book had to cost.

We have decided to offer this E-book temporarily at a $ 10.00 discount for the low price of

$ 39.00

But this is not all, see what extra bonuses you get when you buy this E-book.


After completing the above E-book we had so much information left that we decided to add this

information as additional bonuses.

It's a long list but very interesting to see what's all about.

Catalogue Covers                       

Days Gone Catalogue: 1989, 1990, 1995, 2001

4 pdf files

Matchbox Catalogue Covers

Matchbox Catalogue
1969, 1970, 1977

3 pdf files

Matchbox Catalogue Models Of Yesteryear

2 pdf files
Price Guides.

Corgi Price List
Dinky Price List
French Dinky Price Guide
Matchbox 2004 1-75 Price Guide

Corgi Boxes

Matchbox Model Cars 

1 pdf file 

Dinky Boxes

French Dinky Boxes

German Siku Boxes

Matchbox Boxes

More than an incredible 4.5GB of bonuses, make sure your computer has enough room.

Dinky toys value of determination + the dates of issue. 

       Regards: Burt

     P.S.  Please notice and keep in mind, this E-book only runs on a Windows computer or laptop, not on a Mac computer.
               Due to the size of the E-book file, it is not possible to run this file on an e-reader or anything else.

              All the bonuses will run on every computer or reader.

"Am happy with it"

Nice set up E-book, you can print it out too, handy, can you also send me a list of other brands that you also handle?

John W.

"Why do you release this?"

Would like to know why anyone could buy this E-book, everybody knows now what his item is worth.

A fanatic collector